Catching some air

October 11, 2005

Our plans for the day were to enjoy a bit more of the town and then grab the 12:00 bus to Krakow. The temperature outside was a chilly 37 when we woke up so we dressed in layers and took to the streets. The night before we had stumbled upon a ski jump area so we headed back that way to grab a few photos. As we looked around we started to hear a strange sound coming off of one of the jumps and realized that there were actually people jumping as we arrived. We decided to go check it out and it was so fun to watch. There were three jumps and the kids on them probably ranged from the ages of 8-20. Obviously the older jumpers were the most experienced and fun to watch but the younger jumpers were just as amusing as they weren't as skilled at stopping and most of the time their skis were twice the size as they were. We watched for about an hour before heading back into the square and to grab our bags. During the bus ride to Krakow we passed by some gorgeous villages with the most charming houses all covered in window boxes filled with flowers. One thing we have noticed in Europe are all of the flowers and colors that jump out at you. Regardless of the house size and how elaborate or modest it may be you can tell the owners have pride in their homes and take care of them. It really adds to the overall feeling of the area and really leaves a great impression.

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