Krakow Old Square

October 12, 2005

Today we did a small tour of Krakow which included a visit to the Cloth Hall Sukiennice, the Wawel castle, the Japanese art museum and just walking around the old square. Our stop at the 14th-Century Gothic building, the Cloth Market, was right in the middle of the square and this is where all the junk (souvenirs) is sold. It was an impressive building from afar, it's just too bad they sell so much junk inside.

After leaving the cloth market we stopped to listen to the local band play a little diddy.

We felt rocked out enough to leave these guys and see more of the town. Our next visit was to the Wawel castle. Again, an impressive sight but for some reason this Monday was field trip day for all the local kids and the entire place was filled with kids. We thought that travelling this time of year we be quiet because most of the tourist would be gone. We never thought about all the kids taking fields trips. The kids in Europe always seem to been on a field trip too. Are they never in the classroom? We decided to only view the castle from the free point of view, outside.

We looked at the weather forecast for the next two days and it's suppose to be cloudy and rainy so we thought we would scope out a few museums for tomorrow. This lead us to our next destination, the Japanese art museum which had a touring exhibit of National Geographic photos. We quickly went into the building for the price and hours open. Next, we went looking for a used English bookstore Tina read about. We found the bookstore but the manager was not there to authorize the buying of any books. We've been carrying around 6-7 books for weeks now looking for a place to exchange them, but haven't had any luck. Tina was thinking of putting up signs in each hostel we stay at reading, "Used bookstore in room 2. Come between the hours of 6-11pm". Anyway, we ended buying another book for our collection. The best part of our visit to the bookstore was they had old copies of the Onion Newspaper. I started reading the paper and cracking up out loud. I looked around and nobody noticed my laughter, so I continued to read and continued to laugh out loud. I couldn't stop laughing. Tina came over moments later and I showed her the articles I just read and she started busting a gut too. We both had tears in our eyes when we were finished. We left the store feeling refreshed from a good laugh and talked about how we missed reading the Onion. We finished our tour by walking back through the square on our way back to our apartment. Here are a couple photos from the rest of our tour.

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