Another Rainy Autumn Day

October 13, 2005

Today was cold and drizzly, a perfect day to spend time in a museum. We decided to go back to the Japanese museum and visit the National Geographic photo exhibit. Well, the exhibit was a little disappointing. It only took us about 20 minutes to get through because they only had about 60 photos to look at. Anyway is was better than being cold outside. The rest of the day was spent using the free Internet at our apartment. Speaking of our apartment. We are staying in Krakow for four days and decided to rent apartment of sorts. This is a nice change from the hostels, pensions and hotel rooms. We still have to share a kitchen, but other than that it really feels like having an apartment. The room is very clean and nice. We have our own telephone and our parents were able to call us. The extra bonus is free Internet. The owner called it a luxury hostel and I agree. Anybody traveling to Krakow should check it out. This place is cheaper than most hostels we've stayed at in Eastern Europe. Oh yeah, they have free laundry also.

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