The Claw

October 15, 2005

We grabbed the 11:30 am train out of Krakow today to head to Wroclaw. This towns pronunciation was really throwing us off because it seems easy but it's really pronounced like Vrots wahf. We decided to just say it was "The Claw." Of course just to ourselves as the locals would think we were crazy. The train ride went pretty quick and we found our hostel, The Stranger Hostel, right away. It was actually pretty warm outside so we headed to the old square to take a quick look around. Immediately I thought this place was really pretty and the square was great. I think it's prettier than Krakows and there are less tourists to try to maneuver around. Too bad that McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut have set up shop there however. Once the sun went down it got pretty chilly outside so we headed back to our hostel and grabbed our dinner and put in the movie Hotel Rwanda and were educated on another tragic story of genocide.

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