Oh the weather outside is frightful

October 16, 2005

Today is a chilly one. I have two shirts on, a thick wool sweater and my fleece and I'm still chilled to the bone. Fortunately we didn't have lots we wanted to see so we wouldn't be outside all day. To warm up we grabbed a cup of soup at a local restaurant in the square and are spending most of the day catching up on our journals and what not.

A travel update:
We were originally going to head to Prague tomorrow but the only direct train leaves at 1:00 am and the bus leaves at 2:00 am. The other trains take anywhere from 8-10 hours so we've decided to head to Dresden, Germany which is only 5 hours away. We were recommended to check the city out if we were in the area so why not? After Dresden we'll make the quick 2 hour train ride to Prague and then head through to Olomouc, Telc and Cesky Krumlov. From there we are off to Slovenia.

Travel update #2:
Scratch that plan. The train was way too expensive to go to Dresden so we're back to our original plan and heading to Olomouc, Czech Republic. Talk to you then!!

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