Lisbon to Porto

Lisbon - Coimbra - Porto

January 30, 2006

In Lisbon we asked three separate people which town should we visit on our way to Porto. All three said Coimbra, so we decided we would stop for one night in Coimbra. We caught the 10 am train and arrived in Coimbra at noon. Our guide book didn't have a map of the town, but we found a billboard map just across the street form the train station. After 15 minutes of studying the map we thought we knew where we were at and headed toward the center of town. Well, after walking for 30 minutes toward the "center" of town we both decided we were going the wrong way. At this point Tina suggested walking back to the train station and getting on the next train to Porto. Neither of us were feeling this town, so we did just that. We were on the train to Porto 15 minutes after arriving back at the station. In Porto we found a cheap room with heat. This made us so happy. The heater wasn't great, but it was something. We walked around town in the evening and spent the later part of the night watching the only English television station, CNN World News, repeat the same stories over and over.

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