Daytrip to Sintra

January 27, 2006

Our plan for today was a visit to the hilltop town of Sintra. The town is about 45 minutes west of Lisbon via the train and was worth the trip. Pulling into the station we caught a glimpse of the Sintra Castle and Pena Palace perched above the town. A quick look around the lovely old town and we started our 4 km hike to the Pena Palace. The hike was really pretty as we were surrounded by a lush forest on both sides and it was a great way to warm up. Once at the top we paid our entrance fee of 6 Euro (ouch) and walked through the gorgeous gardens surrounding the palace. The palace was something from a fairytale with its turrets and draw bridge entrance. Inside was even more elaborate as each room was decorated quite lavishly in a particular theme. I fell in love with the enormous kitchen which was filled with copper pots and molds of every size. One could easily spend an entire day inside the castle exploring the nooks and crannies. We commented on how much fun it would be to grow up in a castle like this one. Since we visited a castle yesterday we skipped the one nearby and enjoyed a walk around a pretty park in town instead. When we got back to Lisbon is started to rain so we stayed in for the night.

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