Porto to Salamanca

Back to Spain Once Again

February 2, 2006

Today was just a long day on the bus, 6 1/2 hours total. The mountainous countryside of NE Portugal was beautiful. This changed into the flat plains and mucho toros as we arrived in Spain. One interesting moment in the day was during the boarder crossing. The border guard came on our bus and began checking passports and IDs. I went to hand him my passport and he saw it was from the United States. He just waved it away without looking at it. He did the same thing with Tina's. However, he did take a few passports with him off the bus to run through the computer. When he came back on the bus he asked a man, in the back of the bus, to grab his bags and get off. The man also grabbed his bag out of the boot of the bus and both men walked away as we drove off. Spain has an immigration problem and it was interesting to see somebody get busted at the border. We never even had a border check on our bus from Spain to Portugal.

In Salamanca we found the cleanest and nicest hostal with excellent heat. The name is the Cathedral Hostal with views of what else, the cathedral. We also got to practice our Spanish since the lady spoke no English. That reminds me, almost everyone we met in Portugal spoke English.

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