On the road to Slovakia

October 2, 2005

Today we left Vienna for Bratislava, Slovakia. The border crossing was easy and went quickly but I was bummed as the guard just came on the bus, looked at our passports and got off. That meant we didn't get a Slovakia stamp entering the country but I'm hoping I can get one on the way out. Once we arrived into Bratislava we met up with another backpacker looking for the same hostel so we all walked together and chatted about our travels. We found the hostel with no problems as the city is reasonably sized and easy to get around. Unfortunately the hostel wanted almost $20 per bunk bed. That was a tad steep for the location we thought so we ventured off on our own to find another place. After wandering around for a while we found the Patio Hostel which offered free internet and laundry and was about $5 less than the other hostel. Turned out the room we were put in only had 3 other guests in it so we could spread out a bit. After unpacking and what not we grabbed some groceries for dinner and spent the night in updating our website and talking with some other travelers.

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