Touring Bratislava

October 3, 2005

Woke up to a cold and dreary day but we had decided to stay only a couple of nights in town so we went out to tour the town regardless. We had wanted to see the local hockey team play while we were here but they were playing out of town on Sunday and the next game wasn't until Friday. Since hockey was out we decided to roam around the city and see what it had to offer. As we made our way through the old town area we noted a lot of construction happening around the area. It seems as though many of the Eastern European cities are gearing up for more tourism and are working hard to restore the historic districts that make Europe so charming.

After a quick walk through the square we headed towards the city's most noticable landmark, the Bratislava castle. Since it was a Monday we weren't able to go inside to the museum but from the outside the castle offered a great view of the city and the spectacular suspension bridge build over the Danube River.

I was a bit surprised at the amount of tourists in town honestly but all in all the groups are dwindling which makes our days much more pleasant. After the castle we were on a search for a used book store so I could pick up another good read. The bookstore had a great selection but we decided to grab another guide book as our LP is just too limited and having town maps are key to our sanity. Later on the weather cleared up and we continued to look around the city and take lots of pictures of the quirky bronze statues throughout the square. Overall I thought the city was nice but was a bit surprised at the accomodation prices the hostels were charging.

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