Bratislava to Banska Stiavncia

How do you pronounce the name of this town?

October 4, 2005

Today we travevled by bus from Bratislava to Banska Stiavncia. Try saying the name of that town aloud. I still don't know how it's pronounced and somehow I got through to the lady at the bus depot that we wanted tickets to this town. In town we found the pension we were looking for, but no one was around. The lady working at the pizzeria next door called someone for us. Ten minutes later a teenager showed up who spoke just a little bit of English. We were still able to get him down a little bit on the room. We should have been able to negotiate a little more. We were the only ones staying in the entire place. After checking in we did a quick walk of town. This town is a little extra special since in 1993 it gained UNESCO-protected status. They have restored most of and it is a beautiful little town.

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