Lake Bohinj

Ida the tour guide

October 31, 2005

This travelogue covers the period of 10/31-11/3.

After spending a three nice days in Ljubljana we chose to head up to the Lake Bohinj area for a couple of days. There are two lakes in the area, one being Bohinj and the other Bled. We had read that Bohinj was a bit more relaxed and not as touristy so that sounded more our speed. As our bus passed by Lake Bled we could see the draw as there is a beautiful castle perched high above the lake. There were plenty of people out on the lake in canoes and it was quite a scenic area. Our stop was only 25 minutes away and the drive was really pretty. The water is so clear in the area that we could see trout swimming through the rivers as we walked by. We found our apartment that we rented quite easily within the village of Savica. The only downside was that we arrived on Reformation Day which meant that every market and most businesses were closed on both Monday and Tuesday. That wasn't what we wanted to hear as we had nothing in the way of groceries. Fortunately the owners of the apartments offered us a big loaf of fresh bread and some directions to a local restaurant they thought was still open. We made our way into the next village to check it out and they were open and really busy. We decided to order 2 for now and the other for the next day.

On Tuesday morning Craig woke up feeling pretty crappy so we took it easy most of the day and he tried to sleep it off. During the afternoon we decided to get outside for some fresh air and a nice walk. As we left the room the owners dog, Ida, proceeded to follow us and soon became our tour guide. She walked with us the entire way to the lake and once there Craig and her played fetch with some rocks from the lake which was hilarious to watch. She would feel around in the water for a rock, dip her entire body into the water and come up with a huge rock in her mouth. It was fun for the both of us to be around another lab and made the hike really interesting and enjoyable.

As Wednesday rolled around Craig felt better so we decided to stay one more day and hiked to the lake once again. Ida wasn't around so we took off by ourselves. The walk around the lake takes about 5 hours so we decided to do some hiking before the lake and then walked halfway around the lake. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and was actually pretty warm outside. On the way back to our room we walked through the villages along the road which are so picturesque and quaint. The entire Bohinj area is really pretty and since we are in the low season very quiet and peaceful. There was something very appealing to the both of us about the area and we could have stayed a lot longer.

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