Škocjan Caves

November 4, 2005

Today we decided to partake in the Škocjan Caves, one of the star attractions for anyone visiting Slovenia. At least that's what our guide book said. After you've seen one hole in the ground could another one be much different?

We began our journey by taking a bus near the caves. Since there are no buses going directly to the caves we had to ask the bus driver to drop us off in the middle of the road, 1.5 km away from the caves. After the short walk we noticed the next tour was not until 1:00 pm. We had to wait a little over an hour to for the next tour. We decided to write some postcards while we waited.

At 1:00 pm our bilingual tour guide directed us to the cave and we began the tour. At first the caves were just another cave with stalagmites and stalactites and I was thinking I bet this doesn't beat our cave journey in Laos where we had to carry our own flash lights and swim in the river with two Lao men in their underwear. I was wrong. This was the coolest caves we have ever been in. The cavern opened up to be 150 feet tall and yes this cave even had a bigger river running through it. I reminded me of looking down to the Colorado river from the Grand Canyon but in a cave. It was really an amazing site. However, we could not take any photos inside the cave. Here are a couple photos I stole from another site.

I imagine this is because the caves have UNESCO status. I assume this also contributes to the high cost entry fee too. We were feeling that this cave journey was becoming a very expensive day. The entry fee and the cost of the bus ride out cost about $40, so we decided to hitch a ride back to town. Our other alternative would have been walking 4 km from the caves to the town of Davčia and wait for another bus. We were able to find a ride from a Polish couple in the parking lot of the caves. They took us all the way back to the town of Piran. This is only our second time hitching a ride from strangers. I think we should try this a little more often.

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