Piran to Pula

Rain Rain Go Away

November 6, 2005

We’ve been really lucky on this trip as far as not having too many days of rain. However, today was not one of those lucky days. We woke up to it raining. Actually, it was raining at 3 am last night when I was up taking advantage of the free internet. I’m a junkie for the free internet. We checked out of our room at 10 am, but our bus didn’t’ leave for Pula, Croatia until 2:25 pm and with it raining outside we decided to camp out at the hostel and watch TV. And maybe a certain somebody was on the internet again. Getting sucked into the TV and internet we lost track of time and realized we needed to get out of the door and start walking to the nest town over, Portoroz, to catch our bus. We quickly put on our rain gear and made our legs move as fast as possible which is hard to do with a full backpack on your back and full day pack on your front. . I still need to take a photo of us in full gear and post it on the site to show how stupid we look. Anyway, we were walking as fast as we can in the rain to catch our bus. We felt like we are the Amazing Race and I thought we were going to break our streak of not missing a bus, train, or boat on this trip to far. I was wrong. We made it with 10 minutes to spare. It only took us three hours to get to Pula. The border crossing was uneventful and we entered country number 16.

We didn’t have a reservation anywhere in town, so we had two choices once we arrived at the bus station. Choice 1, take the bus to the hostel which is 4 km away. Choice 2, walk to the city centre and hope to find a private room or pension. Wanting to be closer to the city centre and wanting to get a walk in we decided on the later. This was the wrong choice. As we discovered Pula’s city centre is lacking accommodation of any kind. We didn’t even see a hotel. Plan B; let’s walk to the hostel 4 km away in the dark with no map of the city. We tried using the bus route maps posted at each bus top as our guide and ended up walking around in a big circle. Very frustrated at this point we found the closet bust stop and waited 45 minutes for the next bus. We found the hostel and checked in. Since we took so long finding a place to stay, all the markets were closed and no restaurants were near the hotel, so we enjoyed the bread and jelly for dinner. We’re having trouble finding peanut butter recently.

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